Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSR for HR Chapter One FREE download

Yep.. the pace is hotting up ... I have now been invited to speak about CSR for HR  at conferences/professional meetings in Washington DC , Singapore and London ...  as well as several requests for articles  in many different publications. Whilst I am not sure I will be able to travel everywhere (travel budget definition: small), I have tentatively committed to one engagement and we will see how we go with the rest. Haha. Not spilling the beans just yet as to which one :). What is more important is that this is a good indication that CSR for HR is an interesting message. Maybe HR is waking up to CSR, after all.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to tell you that my publisher, Greenleaf Publishing, a leading CSR and sustainability publisher,  for whom I have the greatest  admiration and respect, (they are doing a wonderful job and are so easy to work with) , have now made Chapter 1 of CSR for HR available.

Yes, Chapter One is a free download!

Better do it quick just in case they take it back haha.

Oh and don't forget to "like" the CSR for HR Facebook page . All "likes" will be gratefully received.
(I have promised myself that I can have a self-indulgence session with my favourite ice-cream for every 50 "likes" that CSR for HR gets on FB. OK, make that 10.)

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