Saturday, September 4, 2010

GE: Citizenship in Recruiting

I am reading General Electric's Citizenship Report for 2009, in preparation for a review of this report for Ethical Corporation Magazine, and came accross a great attestation to the value of corporate citizenship aka CSR in the Human Resources function.

Hector Aguilar , GE's Mexico Human Resources Leader, says:

Corporate citizenship is a critical aspect for me as a person and professional, and could make the difference in selecting a company to work for. Responsible citizenship shows a company’s commitment to a community. It is a value of sharing and helping people and communities around us. It shows a behavior that I want to see from the company I work for. And it motivates and encourages me to work better and create loyalty and engagement toward GE.

Browse the report to see some of GE's advanced responsible workplace practices. It's worth it.

Clearly, Hector is an HR Manager that has woken up to CSR. Let's help him to spread the word :)

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