Thank you to a host of wonderful, inspiring people who read CSR for HR in manuscript form and agreed to comment, as follows, in alphabetical surname order:

Christine Arena, author of The High-Purpose Company
co founder and CEO of Sparkup 

“This book gives HR and CSR professionals permission to be human. In fact, it goes so far as to suggest it might be integral to responsible business success. Get it, read it, share it!”

Inbal Cinman, Corporate Responsibility Director,

"In my view, this book covers an innovative subject and provides a wide range of knowledge and practical examples which can apply in all businesses in all sectors. The book is written in an interesting and pragmatic style. It seems that the author has a good overall view of how businesses work and writes in a language which HR professionals can understand. This is a fascinating book which offers inspiration and a desire to progress the sustainability agenda."

Eileen Fisher, Chief Creative Officer,

"When new or potential employees first connect to our HR departments, we have an opportunity to show them something of the company culture. As a company with a strong CSR commitment, it is important to emphasize how these principles are integrated into all aspects of our company. Elaine Cohen offers compelling ideas for how to make that happen, beginning in HR and radiating out to all functions of the business."

Sybil Goldfiner, CEO,

"This book is a wonderful contribution to an important aspect of Corporate Responsibility. I am continually conscious of the need to apply CSR thinking first and foremost within our business, and the way we relate to our employees. Elaine has provided fascinating insights in a way which is easy to understand and reapply in all businesses".

Jeffrey Hogue, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability,

"In this book, Elaine Cohen provides the compelling evidence of the positive impacts the Human Resource function can have on an organization's sustainability performance. More importantly, she provides insight into how the CSR enlightened HR professional plays a key role in the promotion of organizational leadership and innovation, potentially leading to top line business performance."

Dave Stangis, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

"In CSR for HR, Elaine Cohen has described one of the true "secrets of success" for leading companies in the 21st century. In a clear, compelling and engaging way, she outlines the tremendous role HR professionals can play to advance corporate social responsibility within their companies while enhancing recruiting, retention and engagement."

Maria Sillanpaa, Founding Director

"FINALLY a hands on, informative and engaging book on the essential connection between HR and CSR! To quote a quote from the book itself – CSR without HR is PR – and with her typical storytelling flair Elaine proves this point beautifully. It is a call to action for the HR community to take on this agenda for the benefit of their own profession, their companies, and ultimately the planet."

Aman Singh Das, Editor, Corporate Responsibility

"Our professional journey begins the day we go for that first job interview. When the HR professional matches candidates with employers, she is not only contributing to the company’s sustainable growth, she is also directing an individual’s career path. For corporate responsibility to be contextual and effective, it is undeniable then that human resources inculcate this mindset from day one. With this book by Elaine Cohen now, we can finally stop spending hours espousing why CSR must begin with the HR team and just turn to her poignant stories and candid examples for an acute realization: A new corporate consciousness is redefining the way we conduct business, and a company’s HR department must embrace this and lead the change by ensuring that they continue to attract the right talent. Whether you work in HR, talent management, diversity, leadership development, or have any role in business strategy, this book is a must-read!"
Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business,

"Cohen does an outstanding job showing the connection between HR and CSR. She shows how HR practices in staffing, training, compensation, job design, and culture creation can be adapted to further CSR work within a company. Her ideas are fresh; her examples are relevant; and her writing is clear. This book will be useful to any company working to advance sustainability, philanthropy, or work/life policies as part of their CSR agenda. "

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