Friday, September 3, 2010

Aman Singh Das recommends CSR for HR

Aman Singh Das is the Corporate Responsibility Editor at She is a New York University alum and previously wrote for The Wall Street Journal. Her area of work includes corporate diversity practices and sustainability, and how they translate into recruitment and strategic development at Fortune 1000 companies.

Aman is one of the most influential bloggers on CSR today, and is widely read. Her works sits at a very important pinnacle of how future business leaders are created, and how sustainability themes are integrated into attraction, hiring, selection, and all people process within business. He reach covers both corporates who seek forward-thinking , talented people who will add business advantage,  and people who seek challenging, meaningful roles in responsible workplaces.  In her most recent post on Innovation, Diversity and Sustainable Leadership , she makes the case once again for the connection between personal values and professional priorities.  

This is what Aman says about CSR for HR:

"Our professional journey begins the day we go for that first job interview. When the HR professional matches candidates with employers, she is not only contributing to the company’s sustainable growth, she is also directing an individual’s career path. For corporate responsibility to be contextual and effective, it is undeniable then that human resources inculcate this mindset from day one. With this book by Elaine Cohen now, we can finally stop spending hours espousing why CSR must begin with the HR team and just turn to her poignant stories and candid examples for an acute realization: A new corporate consciousness is redefining the way we conduct business, and a company’s HR department must embrace this and lead the change by ensuring that they continue to attract the right talent. Whether you work in HR, talent management, diversity, leadership development, or have any role in business strategy, this book is a must-read!"

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