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The book is a wake-up call for the Human Resources profession. It provides Human Resources Managers with a thorough understanding of the drivers and principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and practical step by step guide to the way CSR interfaces with every HR function. Recruitment, compensation, training, employee communications, employee well being, health and safety, employee rights, involvement in the community and employee impacts on the environment are all discussed from the CSR-HR standpoint, with many examples showing how HR can leverage CSR approaches to deliver greater benefit for the business, for employees, for society and environment and ultimately, for HR professionals themselves. The HR function plays a critical role in embedding a values-based, strategic CSR mindset and establishing an organizational culture which meets the needs of today's stakeholders. HR professionals who understand this and adapt accordingly will reap the benefits. The book, CSR  for  HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices, explains why, how and what to do next, offering detailed advice, tools, a roadmap to get started and hundreds of practical examples from companies around the world, including original content from HR Managers of large corporations.

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CSR for HR: .
A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices

Meet Arena Dardelle
Meet Sharon Black

HR - a critical partner for CSR

1   HR meets CSR
2   Impacts on Employees: responsible workplace
3   Employee Dialogue and Engagement
4   Employee Rights
5   Employee Reward and Recognition
6   Employee Wellbeing, Health and Safety
7   Employee Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion
8   Employee Training and development
9   Employee Communications
10 Employee Involvement in the Community
11 Employees supporting the Environment

Embedding CSR-HR
12 The Employee Life-Cycle and CSR
13 Employee Impacts on stakeholders
14 Organisational readiness, Ethics and Ethical Conduct
15 CSR-HR  Leadership

The CSR-HR infrastructure
16 HR stakeholders and engagement
17 The CSR-HR Job Description
18 The CSR-HR Roadmap
19 CSR-HR- a critical business partner

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