About me

I am  a :
*  CSR Consultant

*  Sustainability Reporter

*  HR Professional

*  Ice Cream Addict.

I am a founding partner of Beyond Business Ltd (www.b-yond.biz/en  ), a social and environmental business consulting firm, specialising in CSR strategy and roadmap developent, implementation of CSR processes, reporting and assurance. We work globally with large corporate clients, SME's and non profits, offering a full range of CSR and sustainability expertise.

I am the author of CSR for HR : A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices, (Greenleaf Publishing , 2010) a comprehensive guide for CSR and Human Resources Managers on the interface between CSR and HR, and what HR managers should be doing to ensure a CSR-enabled culture and practice in any company. You can follow themes raised in the book on my blog : http://www.csrforhr.com  . You can "like" the CSR for HR Facebook page here.

I write three blogs:

CSR Reporting: thoughts and insights about CSR and Sustainabilty reporting.

CSR for HR: a blog about the interface between CSR and HR

CSR-Books: a blog of CSR book reviews and author interviews

You can find me on:

My CSR Reporting blog feeds to:

My tweets feed to the Guardian Sustainable Business website.

I am a Contributing Writer for CSRwire.com, writing editorials, book reviews and author spotlights. You can see all my writings on CSRwire here.

I write CSR report reviews for CorporateRegister.com and Ethical Corporation . You can see the list of my reviews for both companies here

I have produced several video blogs on CSR themes with 3BL Media

I guest write for many CSR organizations and publications including the Global Reporting Initiative. 

I make a community contribution mentoring non-profits ( I am on the Board of a non-profit for women's advancement, ( http://www.esheet.org.il ), lecturing widely on a voluntary basis, mentoring students on CSR and investing much time and energy in building awareness for responsible business practices.

I am married to Judah and we have two children, Eden (girl) and Amit (boy). We live in Israel. I grew up in the UK (Manchester) and have a BA (Double Hons) in French and German from Bradford University.

I believe in social justice, the capability of women, the need for transparency in business, and in CSR reporting as an essential tool in driving responsible business practices. I like to make CSR fun so you will find my blogs occasionally witty and usually full of references to a certain brand of ice cream which rhymes with Hunky Funky :).

Please contact me at : info@b-yond.biz . I am always happy to hear from readers of my blogs or other writings and welcome feedback on anything at all :)

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