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1st May 2012 | HR Magazine, SHRM
Article entitled Modern Day Slavery by Dori Meinert about issues of human rights and human trafficking, and the role of HR in addressing these issues. Elaine is quoted in the article. Read the full article here.

17th January 2011 | HR Executive online
Elaine Cohen, who spent 20 years in leadership positions at Procter & Gamble and Unilever, says the time is past due for HR leaders everywhere to start showing some leadership on corporate social responsibility. Rather than trying to make their companies better corporate citizens, she writes, HR has spent the past two years focused instead on carrying out layoffs and restructurings to cope with the downturn. Read the full post here.

14th January 2011 | HR Magazine, UK
"When HR does HR with a CSR mindset, then business wins, employees win, the community wins and HR wins," she says. "This is the next big thing for HR legitimacy."
Snell agrees: "An HR function that has embraced CSHR can help the company to do this by integrating CSR priorities into HR business, and by acting as a natural home for many (although not all) of the key aspects of CSR." Read the full article here.

7 January 2011 | Blog | My guest post
2010 has been a tough year in Human Resources. The effects of the Global Financial Crisis left many corporate headcount gaps, leaving those who remained doing twice as much in half the time for less reward and barely any recognition. It doesn’t really matter what the size of your business or where you are in the world, because the ripple effect has, as we close out the decade, reached just about everyone.
The three biggies on the minds of HR people amidst the turmoil have been development, retention and engagement. HR managers have grappled with administering layoffs and restructuring businesses, rather than considering the alternatives to the Pavlov response of broad-scale dismissal letters. CSR, in this respect, as in other HR functional areas, remains a concept foreign to most human resources managers and one which they believe interferes with, rather than empowers, their impact on the business. Read the full post here.

3rd January 2011 | WorkEcology blog
I began with Elaine Cohen's remarkable book, which is with all its detail is easy to digest through her conversational format of writing. Aman Singh, @vaultcsr, reviewed, recommended and described this book with her journalistic prowess. I took Elaine seriously when she told, “bring it on.” Elaine was inviting me to offer what I really think of her book. I grappled with this for a few weeks and even chatted a bit with Jan Morgan about it and then I realized how Elaine’s book CSR for HR, held meaning for me.

Read the full post here.

28 December 2010 | Aequology'sBlog
"This year, the focus has shift from employee’s engagement – still recognized as a key contributor though  [4] – to the role and impact of company’s leadership and board room. Experts agree that corporate values consistent with sustainability as well as top management’s visible support and commitment are the foundation of any successful sustainability strategy. However, while CSR reached the top of the corporate ladder, little attention has been paid to the role of middle management"  Read the full post here

2nd December 2010 | Sabina Puppo's blog
.....The role that CSR has on the HR function.  I have been delighted with the book by Eileen Cohen “CSR for HR” that is on target in perceptions and misconceptions of HR and provides a road map to elevate the HR profession and make it a more valuable and key contributor to the business.  Here is the link to Eileen’s blog:  I am curious as to how to better connect CSR to the talent acquisition function, particularly in small and mid-sized companies.  I truly believe that organizations should not hire “employees” but “people.”  People have unique talents that a firm can leverage and engage for multiple benefits: the individuals involved, the communities they live in, our environment and the goals of the company. Read more>>>

1st December 2010 | Deutschegesellschaft fur Personalfuhrung
CSR – der nächste Megatrend im HRM? Das Konzept der Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) hat in den letzten Jahren an Bedeutung gewonnen. Elaine Cohen erläutert in ihrem Beitrag die Implikationen dieses Ansatzes für das HR Management, für die Rolle und das Selbstverständnis von HR Managern und deren Funktion und Bedeutung innerhalb des Unternehmens. Inhaltlich berührt das CSR-Konzept nahezu alle Bereiche der Personalarbeit, etwa von der Gestaltung der Arbeitsbeziehungen, Work-Life-Balance, Gesundheit und Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit, Vergütung, Partizipation, Führung, Information und Kommunikation sowie Personalentwicklung. READ the SUMMARY of a 5 page article that appears in Personalfuhrung HR Magazine >>>>>
29th November 2010 | Carol Sanford
I have recently read two new business books that are written as stories. One is CSR for HR by Elaine Cohen. Cohen chooses two fictional women managers and leads us through their experience of coming to understand how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is much more powerful when it is seen as the work on everyone in the organization. Read the full article >>

26th November 2010 | HR Magazine UK
If a company's staff isn't gender balanced, it is necessarily discriminating, according to a author and prominent blogger on corporate social responsibility and human resources. Elaine Cohen of the Israeli CSR consultancy, Beyond Business, made the comments at the HR Leaders Club; a discussion group of influential HR Directors organised by HR and sponsored by Buck Consultants. During her presentation, Cohen explained her differentiation between a regular HR manager, and a ‘corporate social human resources’ manager (CSHR). Read more >>

22nd November 2010 | TLNT The Business of HR
A funny thing happened on the way to a tweet. Last week I tweeted an article appropriately titled “Making the Case for Corporate Social Human Resources: Are You Prepared for HR 3.0?” The article reviewed a recently published book “CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices,” and it makes the argument for connecting CSR (corporate social responsibility) with a company’s human resource function. I was intrigued with the 3.0 statement. As with tweets, I always follow whether someone else votes for the article by re-tweeting it. Well on this one, I did receive a direct message from @TLColson. Her message was to the point: “most are still mastering 1.0, who are we kidding?” I had to smile, and chuckled as I read that. Read the full article here

17th November 2010 | Justmeans
Yesterday I had the chance to have an e-interview with Elaine Cohen. Elaine is based in Israel and is one of the leading voices of CSR and sustainable business as well as an HR consultant. She just recently published a book entitled 'CSR for HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices.'
A self-confessed Chunky Monkey and general ice-cream addict, Elaine brings some fresh perspectives to HR and CSR. According to her, "HR are the custodians of corporate culture which is reflected in the way people in a business do things. Given that CSR is a long term change process about how the business achieves results in a way which is different from traditional practice, the HR role is critical to ensuring what I call a CSR-enabled culture." Read more >>>

12th November 2010 | arisses blog
Corporate Social Responsability, CSR, is a voluntary business approach that goes beyond the letter of the law and accepts accountability and transparency with regard to the business organization’s impacts on people, society and the environment. Based on the fundamentals of good governance, ethics and compliance with the law, CRS has become one of the main preoccupations of corporate leaders. The HR professionals can act in many ways to enhance their organizations in adopting a CSR strategy and practices, and Elaine Cohen wants to help them to be aware of it.  Read more >>>>  

11th November 2010 | Intel CSR Blog by Revital Bitan
HR, CSR and Clooney. Whoever would have thought these three words could go together in a sentence? Yet, for me, they actually do belong together, because somehow the film “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney got me thinking about CSR and how human resources (HR) is changing… No longer seen as a standalone personnel function, HR is now rightfully perceived as a key business function and “strategic partner”. Today, HR staffs are intricately involved in the business of the organization. In step with this trend, Nirit Cohen, Intel Israel HR Manager, and I had the opportunity to contribute to a fascinating book entitled, CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices by Elaine Cohen. This book deals with a very hot topic and it is literally hot off the presses. Read more >>>>>

28th October 2010 | GRI Newsletter Guest post by Marcy Murninghan
Sustainability reporting has mushroomed in the last few years, gaining acceptance and respectability throughout the world and helping to restore public trust in business and capital markets—thanks in large measure to the Global Reporting Initiative. Around the world thousands of organizations rely on the GRI Reporting Framework and its multi-stakeholder approach to sustainability reporting covering the range of environmental, social, governance, and economic issues. Worldwide, the GRI network includes 20,000 stakeholders from over 80 countries, representing corporations, governments, non-governmental organizations, consultancies, accountancy organizations, business associations, rating organizations, universities, and research institutes.  Read more >>>

26th October 2010 | The Murninghan Post
The TakeAway: Corporate sustainability thrives on authentic, ethical relationship management and communication skills, especially in digital environments.Progress happens when abstract sets of rules and laws meet real world human behavior. Yet all too often, the former gets all the focus, forgetting that rules get put into practice by people, which can move the needle forward when done well, or can impede progress when bungled. Take, for example, the SEC’s busy Dodd-Frank rulemaking schedule, which extends through next year (though opponents are trying to hold things up through court filings). Despite the plethora of new rules and regulations, the implementation challenge for corporate and investor boards and management boils down to a human process, subject to individual and collective values, beliefs, motives, and preferences. Read more >>

25th October 2010 |  Obszar CSR (in Polish)
Szukając informacji na temat zaangażowania działu zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi (HR) odkryłem bloga „CSR for PR”, którego prowadzi Elaine Cohen.Wczoraj odszukałem na świeżo wydanej książki o tym samym tytułem. Autorka książki to oczywiście autorka bloga.Do zakupu skłoniła mnie treść pierwszego, który był do ściągnięcia.Pierwszy rozdział ma formę dialogu dwóch kobiet, przedstawicielek działów HR. Read more >>

25th October 2010 | Guardian Sustainable Business Blog
HR and sustainability: partner or pioneer? Human Resources professionals should hook into overall business sustainability strategy and add value.
Sustainable business practices precede sustainable business culture. As most of us are not robots or Pavlov dogs, we do not 'go sustainable' the moment the CEO declares this to be the new strategy. Embedding a sustainable culture, to use the jargon of the day, links underlying values and strategic imperatives to the actions required of all employees in a sustainable business. Read more >>> 

12 October 2010 | La Buena Empresa
El tema del trato a los colaboradores me parece central en una estrategia de responsabilidad social empresarial. Hace unas meses compartía algunas ideas por aquí. Hoy gracias a este tweet de Luis Manuel Carapaica me enteré que Elaine Cohen acaba de lanzar el libro CSR for HR. A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices (RSE y Recursos Humanos. Una colaboración necesaria para el avance de las prácticas empresariales responsables). Read more >>

1st October 2010 | au
All over the world, businesses are adopting an approach which is founded on the principles and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR movement has been mainstreaming as an approach which goes beyond the letter of the law and accepting responsibility for a business's impacts.Every business impacts on people, society and the environment though the way itemploys people, serves customers, erects buildings, inhabits offices, uses transportation, manufactures products, develops a new product range, launches marketing campaigns and more. Read more (and enter prize draw for 2 free books until 28th October 2010) >>>

26th September 2010 | Realizing Your Worth
We're proud to have collaborated with the amazing Elaine Cohen of Beyond Business .....This book goes even further and proposes that the HR function has a responsibility to be proactive in leading the way in establishing a company-wide CSR-enabled culture. And, yet, this is not happening. HR managers are preoccupied with their traditional roles of organisational development, recruitment, training and compensation, and are failing to see the opportunities that CSR brings for them as professionals and for their organisations. Read more >>

31st August 2010 | Taiga Company
When we think of ‘green’ jobs, we often picture a new opportunity, which may require a new set of skills, or a new place of employment with a job title and description that "sounds" green. This may lead us to believe that ‘green’ jobs are elsewhere - and definitely not our current job. Frequently, in our sustainability consulting, we are asked, "How do I find a green job?"Keep in mind, every job is a green job: it's all in how you do it. Granted, there are designated "green" jobs out there. However, if it is making an impact and making a difference that you are truly after, then transforming your current job into a green job is the ticket.Whether led by a sustainability executive or traditional management, your role in a sustainable organization can have an impact. Read more >>

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