Sunday, April 24, 2011

CSR for HR in the Top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010

I was surprised and pleased and even a little proud to when Greenleaf Publications blog post plopped in my inbox a couple of days ago announcing that seven Greenleaf titles had made it to the The University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership List of the Top 40 Sustainability Books for 2010. 

CSR for HR was ranked number 8 on the list  (eight from the TOP, not eight from the bottom ;) ). The Top 40 list contains works by some of the most influential and high-calibre through leaders in sustainability today and it is a privilege and an honor for my work to have been selected as one of these.

I like to keep up with CSR and sustainability books as those of you who know my CSR-books blog may be aware. So, after my delight at CSR for HR being selected, I was just a little irked that I had not managed to keep up with all the other wonderful books that had been listed.

Of the winners, I have read and reviewed 6 out of the 40:

Accounting for Sustainability by Hopwood, Unerman and Fries

Corporate Community Involvement by Lakin and Scheubel

Sustainability in Austerity by Monaghan

The New Rules of Green Marketing by Ottmann

Innovative CSR by Lelouche, Idowu and Filho

The World Guide to CSR by Visser and Tolhurst

Anyway, I am still very pleased that CSR for HR has made it to the list, as the only book (ever published, I believe) that has a practitioner focus on embedding CSR through the Human Resources function. Having the University of Cambridge spread the word that It is time for HR to wake up to CSR! will certainly help get the message through!

A big thanks to Dr Wayne Wisser  and the distinguished Cambridge Programme's team of Senior Associates for publishing this list and including CSR for HR. And, of course to John Stuart and his team at Greenleaf Publishing for their wonderful support to a novice writer such as myself.

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