Monday, May 17, 2010

HR competencies for CSR

New post by Susan R. Meisinger on "HRE online" entitled HR's Citizenship Competencies.

Susan  says " As organizations have grappled with designing their CSR strategy, there are obvious implications for HR executives. HR needs to ensure that it is in alignment with and facilitates the company's corporate citizenship and sustainability strategy. " Of course, she couldnt be more right.

Susan goes on to list the leadership competencies published by the Boston Center for Corporate Citzenship for CR leadership, and says these are a good startpoint for HR Managers (see her post linked above) . And they are. But we must not forget that HR Managers are not in CEO or even CRO roles - they are in HR roles, both as leaders and practitioners and as such, the competencies they require may contain elements similar to those of business leaders (which could apply to most other senior functions in a business) but also specific HR-aligned competencies are necessary to ensure the complete and unique contribution of the HR function in a sustainable business.

More on this in my book :)

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