Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10% better business with employee wellbeing

Boosting staff wellbeing can improve financial performance. That's the conclusion of a report issued by Business in the Community in the UK. They talk of 10% increase in financial performance.

Read the article here

You can also take a look at BITC's Healthy Workplace Model.

In fact, you can download an amazing list of resources from BITC on workplace management with a CSR flavour.

Whilst these findings do not seem to be particularly startling - let's face it - it stands to reason that if you have a healthy workplace you will havve a better chance of having a healthy business - but the fact remains that so many employers, and so many HR Managers, still do not invest in doing this right. So, maybe proof of better business results will provide the incentive ! Corporate Social Human Resources wins again!

NB thanks to David Connor for posting the article  on Facebook!

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