Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 good resources for Employee volunteering programs

Employee volunteering programs (EVP's) are an excellent way to engage employees and reap benefits for the business, the organization, teams and individuals, whilst having a positive impact on the community. Here are some excellent resources that help us understand the link between HR, CSR, and EVP. Some older, some newer, but all offering interesting perspectives.

Volunteering - The business case (published May 2010)
Produced by corporate Citizenship for the City of London, looking at corporate volunteering in education. Very rich document with research results and insights from several Companies.

The Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs (published 2009)
Produced by JA - Junior Achievement - documents the different aspects of employee volunteering and provides intersting data about volunteering programs.

Deloitte IMPACT Survey Executive Summary 2008
Looks at how companies are not leveraging the value of corporate volunteering in many different ways.

Chris Jarvis's Blog
Chris is the undoubted world expert on Corporate Volunteering he writes a blog which is packed with information and insights about EVP's. Chris and partner Angela also collaborated with me on the writing of the Employee Volunteering chapter of CSHR - the forthcoming book! Watch this space!

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