Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Employability, discrimination and talent wars

Three more interesting things of note relating to CSR and HR this week:

My editorial on
I chose to raise the provocative question of how companies decide about downsizing and whether investing in "employability" is a convenient alternative to make firing people acceptable. See the full editorial here.

Novartis gets fined for discrimination against women
This is what happens when true culture of diversity, inclusion and gender equality are not comprehensively embedded in the business. The $3.4 million bill that Novartis must pay in damages is far less, in my view, than the business they have lost through discriminatory employment practices and alienation of competent women in their workforce. Read the full article here.

What people are looking for from employers
Interesting article from CSR Expert Matthew Rochte who says that real sustainability will have to take into account the aspiration of X-gens and Millennials who are looking for meaning, not just for paychecks. Read the full article here.

Dont forget to let me know of any interesting articles covering the intersection of CSR and HR. Thanks!

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