Monday, October 25, 2010

Writing lots about CSR for HR

The first official  local launch of CSR for HR will be in Israel on 31st October at the Annual Conference of Maala - Israel's Business for Social Responsibility. I will launch the book at the session in the conference relating to CSR and Human Resources, and we will be raffling off 5 free copies.Hope to see a few readers of this blog there, though I know that most of my readership is outside Israel. This is our poster announcing the raffle:

In the meantime, you are invited to read a piece which apppeared in the Guardian Sustainable Business Blog today, referring to the fact that HR Managers should hook into overall business sustainability strategy and add value. Read the full post here. 

I have also finished editing a 4,500 word article which will appear in the December print edition of Personalfuehrung, a leading German HRM Magazine  and another 2,000 word article for Ethical Corporation Magazine. All articles are not only different in length but also in focus and content, depending on the specific requests and preferences of the publication.

No-one warned me that when you write a book, you have to write almost another book about the book. Haha. At least, CSR for HR is a subject I like to write about. Fortunate, eh ?

And whilst I am here, I will mention an interesting post on a leading HR blog penned by Cathy Missildine-Martin who shares her take-out from four (yes FOUR!) HR conferences she recently attended. She talks about new competencies, predictive analytics and business acumen as being the prime areas of focus for HRM development which come through as key themes. Naturally I couldn't help adding my mantra. It's time for HR to wake up to CSR!

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