Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eileen Fisher recommends CSR for HR

Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness at Eileen Fisher Inc.  was overwhelmingly helpful and provided me with much facinating and inspiring information about how Human Resources policies at Eileen Fisher are embedded into the culture of this private, socially responsible and highly succesful, growing Company. Eileen Fisher Inc.  has well-developed practices for ensuring that all employees are engaged in the mission and social practices of the Company. This is alongside many initiatives to advance women , uphold human rights,  and manufacture sustainably.  

"When new or potential employees first connect to our HR departments, we have an opportunity to show them something of the company culture. As a company with a strong CSR commitment, it is important to emphasize how these principles are integrated into all aspects of our company. Elaine Cohen offers compelling ideas for how to make that happen, beginning in HR and radiating out to all functions of the business."

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