Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AT LAST! an HR Director speaks out on CSR

Thanks to a tweet from @ben_c_richards, I took a look at the Lloyds Banking Group Corporate Responsibility Report 2009 and found, to my great delight, immediately after the Chairman's forward, an HR Director's introduction!!

This is a rare thing in a Corporate Responsibility report, that we see an introduction from a Human Resources person. It is rare that Human Resources people feature anywhere in CSR reports. There have been a few that I seem to recall recalling, but I cannot quite recall which ones I recalled . Ha-ha. However, the leadership shown by HR in CSR in this report is a good thing.

The HR Director of the Lloyd's Banking Group is Angela Risley, and she is also Chair of the CR Steering Group. Her introduction covers: the Bank's values; Creating a great place to work; Harmonising terms and conditions; Diversity and Inclusion; Nurturing Strong Links with communities, and Angela's outlook for the future in which she says:

"Executing our business strategy effectively will only be possible if we manage our most valuable resource, our people, well. Our people have the skills and capabilities to deliver the strategy and it is essential that we ensure we encourage, manage and develop our staff whilst creating a great place to work."

Lloyds clearly have an appreciation of CSR for HR. Let's hope this is the beginning of a new (tidal) wave of visible HR partnership in CSR-HR business practices and reporting.

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