Friday, June 4, 2010

150 HR resources

Another compilation of things relevant to HR, CSR and CSR for HR:

a great compilation of several general and content-specific Human Resources blogs, posted on Twitter by @ConnectHive

another great compilation of valuable articles relating to Human Resources Maangement, posted on Twitter by @GautamGhosh and @steveroesler. .

The thing that strikes me as I run through all the titles of blogs and articles is how these are all related squarely to the HR profession and how there is barely any overlap with CSR themes. This reinforces the need, in my mind, for a wake-up call for HR professionals to start understanding the CSR mindset and the way HR professionals can do a better job, have a better impact on people, organizations and society through a CSR-HR approach. This is not such a massive stretch, but it takes awareness, willingness and a  move out of the HR comfort-zone. More on this in my book scheduled for publication in October this year.  

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