Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introduction to this blog

This blog has been set up to provide a platform to discuss  issues relating to Corporate Social Reponsibility and the role of Human Resources professionals in partnering business leaders and employees to esablish a culture which enables the comprehensive embedding of CSR practices. My forthcoming book on this subject, "CSHR - A comprehensive guide to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability for HR Managers" will address this topic in detail.

I will be starting to activate this blog to coincide with the publication of the book by Greenleaf Publishing later in 2010. For more news or queries, please contact me via twitter @elainecohen or post a comment here.

Thank you
elaine cohen

You may also wish to visit my existing CSR-Reporting blog.


Maya Forstater said...

Elaine -

This topic, of how to integrate sustainability into people management is crucial to implementing sustainability.

I look forward to reading your book and keeping up with the blog - it fills an important gap.


elaine said...

Thank you Maya, and thanks for being the first commenter on this new blog. Eor the time being, it is more of a depository for anything that I find of interest, rather than a platform for me to share insights.. but as we get closer to publication, I will start to explore some of the themes in more detail.

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